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At Grants Counsel, we offer a variety of training options designed to meet your goals and fit within your budget.  We believe that all training should:

  • Give you confidence and mastery over a topic area.  Head Start agencies no longer live in a “check the box” world.  Instead, success depends on the ability of Head Start agencies to have a comprehensive, cohesive understanding of the program and to innovate beyond the minimum requirements.  Your training options must match this paradigm shift.  Training that covers a broad smattering of topics, but leaves you without much understanding of any of them, is counter-productive and a waste of time.  At Grants Counsel, we carefully plan training sessions to give you mastery over a specific topic area and the confidence to use your knowledge to better your organization.
  • Offer solutions, not problems.  Ever been to a training and come away terrified about a laundry list of compliance pitfalls?  At Grants Counsel, we work hard to provide actionable advice to solve potential problems.  We want you to leave our trainings with a roadmap to success.
  • Build professional networks.  At Grants Counsel, our trainings are collaborative and discussion-oriented.  That spirit does not stop when you leave a training or exit a webinar.  We use trainings to build professional networks both among the participants and with us!  Every Grants Counsel trainee receives a monthly newsletter full of client updates, advice, and stories from the field to keep you informed and inspired.  Participants in our live workshops have the option to participate in monthly virtual check-ins designed to answer questions that arise after the training, keep you accountable for implementing changes based on information from the training, and make sure you continue to learn long after the training session itself has completed.


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